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    TCP Black Shield Firearms Training of Maryland is dedicated to providing professional firearms instruction to responsible individuals and promoting the safe use and handling of firearms.

    Whether you are interested in owning your first firearm, your Wear and Carry Permit, recreational shooting, competition, home safety, or personal protection, we can help!

    We offer State of MD, DC, & VA Certified Firearms Training Courses to help you stay safe. You will learn and develop the knowledge, skills, and attitude that are needed to successfully pursue your interests and goals.


    All courses are taught by NRA/State of MD, DC & VA certified Instructors/Range Safety Officers. TCP Black Shield Firearms Training has one driving passion: to educate you before, during and after your purchase. Your small investment with TCP Black Shield Firearms Training will give you training and competence to use your firearm in confidence.

    We guarantee your experience will far exceed your expectations, leaving you more accomplished and capable then you thought possible. So again, welcome to The Site and we look forward to seeing you on the range.

    Ultimate training


    Thank you for visiting The Site. Whether you are a potential first time firearm user, recreational shooter or seasoned professional, it’s our goal to make The Site your all-inclusive firearms training destination. Located in the picturesque area of Port Tobacco Md, 1 hour West of Washington DC, no other training facility in the Charles County area provides the diversity in shooting and depth of instruction, conveniently located in a single location.


    As a responsible gun owner, you have an obligation to become as safe, capable and confident with your firearm as possible. Indoor ranges are fine for maintaining basic marksmanship skills, but nothing matches the effectiveness of training in our outdoor range for the development of essential technical and tactical skills. Learning at The Site is enhanced through the use of assorted paper, stationary/reactive steel and moving target systems. Firearms training is serious business, but it also needs to be safe, inspiring, innovative and enjoyable to be most effective.

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