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Professional training for
individuals or groups

Our Range

Our ranges are staffed by professional (RSO) Range Safety Officers to ensure a safe shooting experience for all. 

The TCP Black Shield range is located on 4 acres in Southern Maryland, Port Tobacco.  The range offers all Club members, their families and guests, a safe maintained and clean location to enjoy the shooting sports.

The Range offers:

Firing at 7, 25 and 50 yards with covered firing line.  Bench rest-equipped, for high power rifle, shotgun, and pistol shooting.

What we offer:

Firearm Safety Training and Education Programs

Small bore riffle shooting

Centerfire and high power rifle shooting

Precision bench rest shooting

NRA Education Programs

NRA Marksmanship Qualification Program

Hunter sight-in

All of the TCP Black Shield ranges are operated in an absolutely safe manner through the strict enforcement of formal range rules posted throughout the range facilities and which all TCP Black Shield club members are given upon joining.

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